Tagging Instructions






We recommend gathering all your essential supplies for tagging first.  You are welcome to write your tags – or use the Tag-It Software program.  The Tag-It program is more fully explained in the drop down menu under Merchandise Prep.  Or you can type the tags on your computer and print them out.  Please follow our instructions for the size of your tags and the placement of the information on each tag.  Most important of all – don’t forget to put your consignor number on each tag!

  • You set your own price. Generally items sell for 1/3 of original price depending on name brand and condition. Name brand top quality items sell for more.
  • $3.00 guideline: If your single item can’t bring $3.00 on its own, please pair it with something that will bring that amount. This applies to both clothing and toy items.
  • Use a 3X5 inch index card cut in half (please, nothing smaller). Your tag should measure 3″ X 2 1/2″. Do not use paper tags or 4X6 cards. Include consignor #, size (use number sizes, not S, M, L), price by .50 increments, and description on your card. (see example)  We need a brief description on the tag so that should the tag become separated from the merchandise we can find the item and attach the card again.  Please include color or print description, brand or any other distinguishing characteristics.
  • For jeans and pants that are other than regular, please indicate “husky” or “slim.”
  • Please make a large star on the bottom left hand corner of the tag on the items you do NOT want to go 1/2 price. (Star means item stays full price throughout sale.)
  • If you would like to donate any or all of your unsold item(s) to charity, write a D in the lower center portion of the tag. We encourage the use of this very worthwhile charity – they are always very appreciative to receive the merchandise. Not only does it simplify your Saturday – but the merchandise goes to women and children who need our help.

We suggest you do NOT put a star on an item if you plan to donate the item at the end of the sale.

Attach card with a safety pin to the upper right front of garment (use hole punch to make pinning tag on garment easier). PLEASE DO NOT USE SMALL GOLD SAFETY PINS, STRAIGHT PINS, STAPLES OR GLUE DOTS. Also, please make sure your pins are vertical – not horizontal – when you pin your tag to your merchandise. For toys and other non-hanging items, pin or tape tag securely to the OUTSIDE of the bag with a safety pin or packing tape. (Do NOT tape tag on all sides with clear packing tape as it is difficult to remove at the detagging table.)

Tape, Tape, Tape: It is important that you make every effort when taping your tag onto your merchandise that you be aware there are certain kinds of tape that can take the finish off of the merchandise you are trying to sell. This becomes a problem at de-tag and we certainly don’t want a buyer to have a purchased item ruined by the tape when they get home to enjoy the item. Puzzles, games, books and furniture are the biggest concern.

Please double check all tags for accuracy and proper attachement to item. We will not be responsible for incomplete tags or tags with inaccurate information (i.e., consignor number, price, 1/2 price star, etc.) Britches and Lace reserves the right to price any item that does not have a price. We will no longer be able to sell an item with a missing tag.

Please pay attention to tag requirements. Tags done incorrectly will have to be redone by you at check-in! We will not accept any items that have cross-outs or scribbles or have white-out used on the tag.