All clothing items and shoes will go through an inspection process at check-in. Please note that attention will be given to quality and age of clothing. We want only the best quality items and the most current fashions on the racks.

  • Look at the items as if you were going to purchase them.
  • Check clothing for current fashions.
  • Please clean and press all garments.
  • Replace missing buttons, sew loose hems and seams, clip loose threads and make sure zippers and snaps work properly.
  • Button all buttons, snap snaps, zip zippers, etc. The newer the item looks the better it will sell.
  • Price infant clothing competitively – it’s abundant!
  • Twin/Multiples clothing items can be grouped together and one tag used for each grouping. Or you have the option of tagging your twin items separately. If selling twin items separately, you can use multiple hangers and combine the hangers using rubber bands if necessary. For peace of mind if you want to use two tags – please repeat the description on each tag and use the language “Tag 1 of 2; and Tag 2 of 2” and do not put the price on the second tag. WE WILL NOT HAVE A SEPARATE TWIN/MULTIPLES CLOTHING RACK. ALL ITEMS WILL BE ON THE REGULAR RACKS.
  • We will only accept 4 pairs of shoes per consignor. We will be accepting specialty shoes only-including dress shoes, dance shoes, ball cleats, etc. (No tennis shoes, unless brand new.) Shoes will need to go through the inspection area.


  • Size 6X garments and smaller should be hung on child size hangers. All others on regular size hangers. All hangers should be hung with the opening to the left so the hanger resembles a question mark. We recommend using either plastic tubular or regular wire hangers rather than flimsy plastic hangers that easily break. Remember garments will not be taken off hangers at detagging.
  • Two-pieced garments: hang shirt first then turn hanger over and pin pants by the waist to the top of the hanger, through the shirt.
  • All pants must be pinned to the top of the hanger so they will not slide around (see example under tagging instructions.) We will not accept pants hung in any other manner – i.e., folded over hanger or pinned at the bottom of the hanger. Please do not use clip hangers!
  • Sets (under size 10) tend to sell better than separate items, so match things up if you can.
  • We will accept current trending junior size clothing. This is sizes in junior departments for girls that start with size 0 and go through size 13/15.  There is a limit of 20 items for junior size clothing.